The world has placed us into an involuntarily time out and like an infant as much as we would want to be rebellious, we cannot. For many, since attaining adulthood we are forced to be obedient to the laws of the land or else the consequences could potentially be detrimental to oneself or the people we care about the most.
With emergence of the COVID-19, many have realized that they are powerless despite their status in society, CEOs, managers, Prime Ministers and guess what! For once we are all seen a human beings despite our race, creed or culture, no one is wealthier than the other. There are no medications that the rich can afford and leave the poor begging desperately for help, we are all in one bracket fighting to survive. Isn’t that a humbling experience for all?
At this point, we surrender to a higher power and deem ourselves powerless submitting ourselves in hope that mercy may fall upon our land and we will once again, sometime soon, return to some level of normalcy, well what we perceive to be normal. The hustle and bustle of life, 12- hour shifts, days-off spent at a part-time job, 2 hours commute to our dream job or the job that will make our dreams come through, missed dinners disappointing our spouse and children and barely glimpsing at our children on the way out to work, sharing a kiss that they cannot appreciate because they are asleep. Is this really normal and more so is this a healthy way of life?
We should use this downtime to reflect on who we are and where we want to be in life. Remember to be kind and care for loved ones that we often take for granted and those that we seldom see because with the turn of this world we might probably never see them again after the quarantine is done. Say I LOVE YOU as often as you can to the people you care about and most importantly deem yourself powerless and surrender to the higher power.

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