Dealing with Stress!

Stress is one of the most dreaded inevitable experience that as humans we will continue to experience as long as we live. The hardest part is trying to find ways to handle the stress in the given situation and keeping it minimal as possible until the issue is resolved or at least becomes manageable. We are uniquely created to respond to a short burst of physical stress by raising our heart rate, diverting blood to the muscles and increase anxiety and alertness, however, it is not prepared to deal with the same for an extended period. Prolong periods of stress can be debilitating to one’s health and cause symptoms of illnesses that you do not have. So, to tell someone not to stress about varying issues in their life is like telling someone not the breath because stress will occur at some point in our life. 

Stress is an important social determinant of health and therefore, must always be taken into consideration because it might just be the main reason for someone’s ailment. Continued periods of anxiety, insecurity, social isolation, burnout or overwork, and the uncontrolled home situation can be harmful. It increases the risk of depression and other mental health issues, diabetes, hypertension, increase cholesterol level and make you susceptible to infections. Further, this could lead to heart attack and stroke if it is not managed appropriately. With this being said, it is paramount to have some control over the stress that is introduced into your life and might I suggest a few ways to handle stress.

Taking Control

  • Have a vent buddy.

Having someone to share your issues with can help to lessen the burden and the overwhelming feeling that is accompanied by stress. The moral and emotional support that they offer aid in relieving some of the stress we might be facing at the time. Venting to someone who cares brings a level of comfort knowing that there is someone to lend a shoulder to cry on and to give a warm hug filled with love. They become your cheer leader who will help you get through yet another challenge that life has to offer. I have loving and caring vent friends and family who listen well and offer some of the best advice without even knowing it. Sometimes my vent buddy might just listen to my story but to be able to have someone to just listen on the other end immediately brings about a level of relief. It also allows you to see the issue from a different perspective when that friend shares their opinion and allow you to make the necessary changes to improve the situation. Noteworthy, you don’t need to vent to everyone with whom come into contact with which can potentially make things worse but rather, create a small group (maybe two or three) of supportive friends that you share with.

  • Keeping Positive.

Optimism, optimism, optimism! This is very important in overcoming or rather getting through a stressful situation. It is very hard to speak positivity into your life when all you see and are experiencing is a dark cloud. Nature is our best example, after a cloudy day there will be a clear beautiful sunny sky and even more outstanding on the cloudy, dim days there is usually such a beautiful rainbow stretching across the sky. Speak life into yourself, say you are an overcomer, I will get through this issue like the many others I would have gotten over, I will achieve my biggest dreams and I will get through this challenging home situation. It is also important to keep friends and family that speak life into you as well. When stressed, the last thing you need is someone who would use a hammer to beat you down further and bury you with negativity. The vent buddy that you decide to confide in should be able to speak positive words that are uplifting, motivating and acts like a fuel that will propel you into your destiny. 

  • Exercise. 

Being stress can make you feel tired, fatigued and low on energy. But try to exercise as much as you can doing routines that you enjoy. Get in at least 30 minutes of exercise five days per week or just do what you can but keep active and healthy. For me that 30 minutes of exercise is so refreshing and rejuvenating, it takes my mind off the issues and allows me to think clearer. Read my blog Exercise for Better Health for more information on what is required to get the most out of your workout

  • Rest

Take some “me” time. Take some time every day to just sit and think about nothing stressful, relax your mind and allow yourself to recuperate, recharge and reenergize. Have a glass of wine and watch your favourite show, just sit on your gallery and reflect on happier days or just meditate, if that is something that you generally do. I find that resting brings you out of that confused state and allows you to think clearer and allows you to devise ways to deal with the issue at hand. It gives a fresh perspective and opens the mind’s eye to new ideas and better solutions.

Il dolce far niente – Italian phrase for the sweetness of doing nothing.

  • Keep calm.

It’s easier said than done but throwing temper tantrums and breaking things just makes the issue worse than it should be. It would more than likely give rise to the unnecessary expense or get you into trouble with the law. It is better to just keep calm and vent to your friend, meditate or just rest when things get heated. Many times, we might act irrationally in the heat of the moment and end up regretting our actions later on. It is better to revisit the issue when calm and you can think and act rationally.

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