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Dealing with Stress!

Stress is one of the most dreaded inevitable experience that as humans we will continue to experience as long as we live. The hardest part is trying to find ways to handle the stress in the given situation and keeping it minimal as possible until the issue is resolved or at least becomes manageable. We… Continue reading Dealing with Stress!

Skin so Smooth!

It is every woman’s dream to have skin so smooth you can lick it. Well our skin just needs a little caring and we can achieve just that. Many individuals invest so much financially into products that are so expensive and frankly, the products do not deliver what was advertised which is very disappointing. It… Continue reading Skin so Smooth!


The world has placed us into an involuntarily time out and like an infant as much as we would want to be rebellious, we cannot. For many, since attaining adulthood we are forced to be obedient to the laws of the land or else the consequences could potentially be detrimental to oneself or the people… Continue reading Humble!

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